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Bring your loved ones to Woodhaven Nursing and Memory Care for reliable care. We'll give the finest health care services that your family members deserve. We are conveniently located in Blue Ridge, VA. You can choose daily care or long-term care options. We accept private payment methods.

Medical and Health Services

·  Care planning
·  Comprehensive evaluation
·  Consultation and family support service
·  Exercise programs
·  Hospice partnerships
·  Nourishment and hydration programs
·  On-site physician visits
·  Personal care service
·  Pharmacy services
·  Podiatry services
·  Psychiatric services
·  Rehabilitation service
·  Social services
·  Specialized activities
·  Temporary and long-term placement
·  X-ray and laboratory services

Alzheimer's Care

Woodhaven Nursing Home gives you specialized Alzheimer's and Dementia care. We're the valley leader in Alzheimer's and Dementia treatment. We implemented exclusive programs for Alzheimer's in 1994. We have both temporary and long-term care.

Woodhaven - Front of Building Pic (Updated 2021).png
State licensed for long term care, Woodhaven is staffed with medical professionals around-the-clock, providing an individual plan of care for each resident. It is our goal to ensure the highest possible quality of life for every resident in a comfortable and secure setting.


Mental Health


We recognize that almost all nursing home residents struggle with psychiatric and psychological issues.

At Woodhaven we understand that long-term care should be as much about the psychological well-being of our residents as it is about their medical conditions.

Better Care Starts with You!
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